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Dallas’ Most Reliable Dog Walker, Pet Sitter and Pooper Scooper Service

While you're away the Magic Unicorn will come pick-up any dog waste in your backyard and/or scoop and clean your cat litter boxes.  So when you return everything is sparkly clean.  We are hard workers who care about making our customers happy!

 Why Choose Magic Unicorn Pooper Scooper?

  • Recurring or One-Time Pet Waste Cleanup Service available for your convenience

  • Enjoy a Clean, Healthy and Attractive Environment for your family and pets

  • Most Competitive pricing in Dallas because of our size and efficiency

  • No Contracts - Change or even cancel your service at any time

  • Year Round Service – Never have to worry

  • Equipment Sanitized - Before cleaning every yard and litter box

  • Not Just a Number – We are pet lovers too and value every customer

  • Friendly, Familiar Technicians - Our scoopers are long term

  • We Offer Residential and Commercial Service – Not a job too big or small

  • Observant – We care about your pet’s health and notify if stool seems abnormal

  • Dog & Cat Services – We offer yard care as well as litter box care

  • Affordable Dog Walks – We can even take your pup out for some exercise while there

Convenience is key! Our services are extremely affordable, reliable and convenient.  Reduce the chore list!

Magic Unicorn is much more than a professional pooper-scooper! We approach each client with care, dedication, and your best interest in mind. We will meticulously scoop and remove the waste from your yard and litter box, but that is far from all we will do for you. One obvious reason, but not the most popular reason: it is a disgusting job and our members do not want to pick up the pet waste in their yard.

#1 Company in the #2 Business in Dallas!


Our residential services are perfect for families who do not have time to pick up after their dog, or just plain hate doing it! We come to your house and scoop the poop in your yard and dog pens. We will double bag the waste and haul it away. We disinfect our equipment and shoes after each yard to prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses and worms. We always keep your gates secure and will treat your pet with respect and care. We will notify you of any visible problems in your pet’s waste. For the safety of our scooper, we may ask that you secure your dog during our visit. We can arrange once or twice a week visits to maintain a clean yard, each with a specific maintenance plan tailored to your needs! Once or twice a month can also be arranged but is not recommended. You do not have to be home when The Magic Unicorn cleans your yard. We will give you a window of time on the scheduled day to expect us, and will make arrangements with you on how to enter your yard while you are away. We love dogs! Unless your dog is extremely aggressive, feel free to have your dog out in the yard while we are cleaning your yard. 


The appearance of your property leaves an unforgettable impression on your customers. It is hard enough to keep the inside of your business looking clean and professional, so keeping the outside looking the same is often overlooked. Let us restore the clean and healthy appearance of your business property to ensure the satisfaction of your customers. Call or Email The Magic Unicorn today for a consultation and customized maintenance plan. Our commercial services are perfect for a variety of commercial outlets, including (but not limited to):

  • Hotels/motels, apartment complexes, condos, Home Owner Association (HOA’s).

  • Retirement communities and assisted living facilities.

  • Office buildings

  • Business complexes

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Rental property owners

  • Veterinarians

  • Grooming facilities

  • Boarding facilities

  • Public Parks

  • City parks and playgrounds

  • Schools

  • Church grounds 

  • Dog parks

  • Contact us now for a free quote!

Dog Walking

We do not only scoop poop!  We offer waking and running! Our rates are affordable and our sitters are bonded and insured.  During dog walks we travel around nearby city blocks and parks. If you have a training plan in place, let us know and we will adhere to your routines or games. We primarily do individual walks, we believe this is the safest way to walk dogs and they get the special attention they deserve.  One on one dog walking is a great way to build a bond.

Midday walks are billed as visits, so we can customize any routine to fit your dog's needs.  Walking often isn't the only need a dog has-  Feeding, medication, backyard playtime (for that new puppy that hasn't finished his shots and can't go mingling with the neighborhood) - We do all that, and we will tailor the visit to meet your specific needs.  We also have dog running for the dogs that require more exercise.  Our dog runs are anywhere from 10-40 minutes. Keeping your dog on an recurring exercise routine helps keep them happy and healthy which leads to a longer life!  We have dog walking and runs available in Dallas, Highland Park, Uptown Dallas, Downtown Dallas, Lakewood, MStreets, White Rock and Park Cities. 

Litter Box Scooping

If you're having a hard time persuading your cat to use the litter box, it may be time to draw a line in the sand.

Most cats are happy to use a litter box because their instinct is to bury their urine and feces. But when their burying preferences include the laundry basket, the bed or the Persian rug, you've got a problem.

There's always a reason they stop using their box and it's not to make you mad or get revenge  Take a close look at what's going on in your cat's world. You should be able to uncover the source (or sources) of the trouble, and make the changes that will put his world to rights again.

Scooping the litter box is a chore nobody likes to do.  Let us help!  We can come as many or as few times per week as you'd like.  We make sure the box is completely scooped and sweep or vacuum around the litter box area. For this service we setup a recurring box cleaning schedule, so you will never have to worry about scooping the litter box again.  Sometimes when a litter box is dirty a cat will start to explore other places to use the restroom, as stated above.  Nobody wants this to happen, but the simple fact is cat's like to be clean and they like to potty in clean bathrooms.  This service is extremely helpful for pregnant women that cannot scoop the box.  We've been helping many moms to be in the Dallas area with this issue.  We also offer full box cleanings, where we completely dump the box, clean it then refill it with fresh litter.  We also have a pet errand option to pick-up litter, box supplies and/or food.

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